A picture of Daryn smiling while wearing a comfy hoodie

My name is Daryn and I build websites in sunny St. Petersburg Florida. I like to experiment on Codepen and have been featured on the front page multiple times, as well as in Codepen Spark.

Design, code, UX/UI, accessibility, client relations; I do it all. I've been in the game since circa 2001 and refuse to stop learning.

It all started as a kid.

I was heavily influenced by 80s and 90s culture, as well as my computer-savvy father. Before I was born, he was a contractor for NASA and worked on computer systems that were used in space capsules. With his guidance, I was eventually navigating MS-DOS like a pro.

This upbringing, coupled with my artistic roots (and a couple failed art school attempts), eventually evolved into a graphic design career that gifted me with many interesting experiences and problems to solve.

Along the way I also picked up some coding experience and directed my focus to front end development with some back end experience sprinkled in for good measure. I'm full-stack in every sense and even have some sysadmin skills to boot (I used to manage an Apache webserver with ~70 websites). Don't let the baby face deceive you; I've been in the scene for a while.

I build things with…

  • WordPress
  • Sass
  • JavaScript / ES6
  • HTML5
  • PHP / Twig / Smarty (is that still around?)
  • VueJS (this site runs on Vue + NuxtJS)
  • A tiny bit of React
  • Some Python